That One Summer

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100% Cotton

Size: 140cm x 180cm (+ additional 10cm fringe) Note that sizing may vary slightly for each style due to the nature of the yarn.  Please allow for a 10cm tolerance.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, flat dry.  OR dry clean with any solvent.  DO NOT Bleach, tumble dry or iron.

That One Summer:                                                                                                   A warm ocean breeze brushed by, but only for a second.  There was a small orange juice stain on your chin.  Warm shoulders, with a faint smell of sunblock, an unmistakable scent. Another sip of orange juice enhanced the salty taste on our lips.  Delicate white sand between our hands and feet, as we laughed, ran and fell asleep.  Forever dreaming and reminiscing the lost, but treasured memory of that one summer.                                                                                               Artist: Tammy Joubert