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We’re headed fast toward the end of the year, holidays are nearly upon us and we're starting to feel pressed for time with the looming lists of things to do. 

We’re going to be traveling this December and with three children and Christmas gifts, space is limited. We wanted to list some of our favorite gifts that are super easy to pack and will take up minimal space in that very precious suitcase space. These are some of our favorite South African items all available online (extra time saver as it means you can avoid the busy shops) 

#1. The Linen Tote 

A great price point and a durable classic fabric, this tote is a great item to roll up into a ball or lie flat in the suitcase. Any mum, sister or gran would benefit from one of these, whether it’s to pack the beach paraphernalia or the knitting, it’s sure to be a winner. 

#2. The cotton company 

 The towel that everybody needs, we've chosen this one for the male gift as its not only super light weight and absorbent but really stylish for him to wear around the waist.  We love this royal blue and we're big fans of The Cotton Co

#3. For Lorne Earrings 

We're smitten with all the mismatched earrings from the "Off the cuff" range by Lorne.  So much so that we brought them in for our Woven Green Summer Party.  We have a few left to sell and these beauties are one of our many favourites.  Obviously this gift could be for a range of different girls, from a niece to a friend, such a good price point for a beautiful product, and it goes without saying, they will take up absolutely no space in that suitcase!

#4. Luna mini candle (contact us for purchase of Luna Candles)  

Another favourite South African made product. Hand poured candles from Cape Town, we shipped these beauties in for our Pop Up too! We've chosen the small amber jar for our travelling gift list as it's a lovely stocking filler.

#5. Madala Bag 

The glass bag is a great gift for any male that is in charge of packing the sundowners.  This durable, waterproof glass carrier will keep your glasses safe and last a lifetime. Perfect for those drinks on the boat, up the beach or camping. Also whilst this is great gift for travelling as it's small enough to squeeze in, be sure to check out all their other incredible travel bags online!

#. 7 Moma Play Muslims 

For new mums, expecting mums or the babes themselves, these Bamboo x Cotton blend muslins are soft, colourful and fun. Moma Play products can be bought via Instagram.

#8. Living Seeds 

Living seeds has the most vast array of seedlings to purchase, things you would never  have even heard of, unless you are a horticulturist I suppose.  For those green fingered family members and friends you cannot go wrong with gifting a bag full of exciting different sachets.  We love the look of the watermelon radish below, what a colour! 


And that folks, rounds up our list of the travellers gift guide, we do hope you found it useful.  Happy Shopping! 


N & J

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