Black & Beige - a chic combo

There aren't many people out there who dont like wearing a bit of black, and we all know that it's an easy go to in clothing, but black interiors has been a firm favourite for some time now.  What we love about it is that it doesn't have to be harsh, it can be brought in subtly and it goes with a variety of interior styles.  Black has a magical way of adding a touch of chicness to a space or an outfit.  We're now entering the summer season and that doesn't change things.  I have to say there is nothing better than a black dress on a tanned body.  I personally prefer not to wear too much black in winter because my skin is paler and it looks too harsh.  Today we are talking black and beige.  I love the combination and it really does bring in a summer element (think sand) and softens a look, be it clothing or interiors.  We have put together some of our favourite pieces from the website that you can add to either your home or wardrobe this summer to get the Black & Beige look.

Add black tableware to your natural linen tablecloth for an incredibly uderstated yet effective table-scape.


Wear our black or stone linen frill top with black pants for a formal "wear to work" look, or dress it down with jeans or black linen shorts for the weekend.


Our velvet and linen backed cushions are soft and luxurious.  The reason for the linen back was to be able to use these large cushions on the floor, they are firm with a feathery softness and large enough to comfortably use as a seat.  These cushions make sitting on the floor look elegant.

Our stone and black sheepskins can either soften or dramatise a space.  The stone is soft and looks fantastic on a white chair or wooden bench.  The black is elegant and fantastic for a floor rug or thrown over the back of a sofa.


Lastly our black frill dress which is a new colour to this style that we have brought in.  As mentioned earlier black in summer is my go to colour.  This dress can be worn with the buttons undone over a bikini with a gorgeous layering of chains and beads, but can easily be dressed up for an evening out with your favourite heels and bag.


 Keep an eye out on stories for more live images of the black frill dress ;)


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